Bob Bly on Helping Prospects “Get” What You Do

Published December 26, 2008 in Misc - 0 Comments

As he says, many times we stumble when giving our “elevator speech”… a short summary of the work we do.

Bly – a master copywriter – suggests breaking it up into three parts:

1. Start with a question, one relevant to the person you are speaking with. Always start with “Do you know how…”
2. “What we do is…”
3. “So that they…”

If you do this, if the person is a good prospect, they will start asking questions and may become a new client.

Let’s analyze this in more detail.

The first part: I believe what is happening is simply “framing”: it’s shifting the focus onto your prospect and their hopes, dreams, and problems.

The second part: reminds them of a specific pain they have.

The third part: shows how you can fix that pain.

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