August 19

3 Challenges Faced By Home-Based Business Owners


I wrote recently about the advantages of operating a home-based business. I decided it was only fair to present the other side.

  1. Flexible schedule. Though also an advantage, if you aren’t disciplined, the “flexibility” makes it hard to focus on getting your work done.
  2. Lack of Accountability. In the typical work environment, there’s a lot of external pressure to get stuff accomplished.
  3. You Are 100% Responsible for Results. In the typical office or on the job site, there’s often much finger pointing when things go wrong, but your paycheck doesn’t change unless you’re a commissioned salesperson. When you are the business owner, when things do not go as planned, even if it’s “not your fault”, you don’t get paid.

There you have it. 3 “challenges” to counter 5 “advantages” to operating a home-based business.


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