August 3

5 Advantages of Operating Your Own Home Business


Last Thursday, I took my wife to the airport. It was mid-morning, and I realized that I didn’t have to check with anyone, or call the office to tell them I would be a few hours late. How cool is that?

It got me thinking about some of the advantages of working from home.

  1. Flexible schedule. As I noted above, I can rearrange my schedule to meet the needs of my family.
  2. Accountability. I am accountable only to myself to how I spend my time. Of course, my customers might have something to say to me if I goofed off too much!
  3. Clothing. This might seem odd to mention, but in the six months that I have freelanced full time, I have spent far less on clothing than when I worked in an outside office. I usually just wear whatever’s comfortable unless I am meeting with a local client.
  4. You can get your family involved. My wife is now working with me in my business, and some of my children are as well.
  5. You can network with your colleagues across the country. Among internet marketers especially, I have found an openness to share and collaborate, such that I have not noticed in any other industry.

There are five advantages that I thought of in one sitting. To be fair, I’ll create another post on the disadvantages of working from home. It’s not all wine and roses, after all!


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