8 Freeware Programs I Can’t Live Without

Published September 30, 2009 in Misc - 4 Comments

I recently replaced my main PC, and as I set up my new machine, I started thinking about the software I use on a day-to-day basis.

There are many paid apps I use frequently; here is a list of the first 8 freeware apps I installed:

1. Firefox browser. I really like Google Chrome too.

2. Antivir antivirus. I’ve alternated between AVG and this one. Antivir seems less “bloated”.

3. LastPass password manager. So cool.

4. Delicious bookmark plugin for Firefox. I like this almost as much as Lastpass.

5. McAfee Site Advisor plugin for Firefox. Sort of a first line of defense against the bad guys online

6. Jing. Helpful software that doesn’t try to do anything. I sprung for the Pro version, but the free one works great.

7. Dropbox. Very easy method of syncing, sharing, and backing up files.

8. Faststone Capture. Good screen capture program. Free and paid versions exist.


Rob Canyon - November 1, 2009 Reply


Love firefox… And I’m thinking the password manager you mentioned is exactly what I need.

Another I like is Alexa Sparky, which lets me real time know the Alexa ranking of every website I visit.

Thanks for the list,


Darrel Hawes - November 1, 2009 Reply


Yeah, LastPass is great.

Just realized I didn’t put links into my post, but I guess all these tools are easy enough to find.

Deb - February 26, 2010 Reply

Do you have Celtic roots?

Darrel Hawes - March 7, 2010 Reply


I’m Celtic only in spirit. 🙂

– Darrel

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