January 15

Business Launch Blueprint: Introduction


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I wrote a training guide to starting your own business several years ago, and decided to publish the individual chapters here.

What follows is the introduction, and the chapters will be published individually in the future. Enjoy!


Welcome! If your goal is to start your own business, you’re at the right place. What I’m going to be giving you is a process, or a blueprint if you will, for launching your own business from scratch. You can take the steps as quickly or slowly as you would like. The speed at which you complete them is completely up to you and your individual circumstances.

I want to say very clearly that I am pleased that you are considering starting your own business. I have a confession to make, I do have a selfish reason and that is I believe as more and more folks begin their own businesses, everyone will benefit, including me.

Why do I say that? Well, what I mean, is when people in general increase their productivity, everyone is helped by that increase in productivity.

I’ll give you an example, ok? If I had a business where I manufactured computers, let’s say they are laptop computers, and I figured out a way to make laptop batteries last twice as long without any increase in weight.

I don’t know if you have travelled much in your business (if you have or have had a job) but if you take your laptop with you away from your familiar environment, it is sometimes a problem to find a place to plug in. So battery life is a big deal.

So in my example of the laptop batteries, if I can increase the battery life and let’s say I do it without any increase in cost, I have helped my customers get more output. And that productivity boost will have some impact on everyone they associate with in their business, especially their own customers.

The other piece to this is the belief that most people can be more productive working in their own business than in a job. Notice I said CAN be, it’s really up to you to govern yourself and your time and what you do with your time, but most people realize there are huge inefficiencies in corporate America, particularly in the typical office environment. And in my experience the same can be said of many blue-collar type fields as well.

Your boss wants to get the most work out of you that he or she can (that’s their job), but in most cases they are not really that interested in developing you as an individual, and of course that’s why many of us went to college or took some specialized training and also why we want to keep learning all the time. We recognize that it’s our individual responsibility to be good stewards of the talents and skills that we possess.

The bottom line is that when you have your own business, you are free to do WHAT you want WHEN you want, you’re not hampered by company protocol or office politics, and I truly hope that you will make your aim to maintain a high output level.

The plan that I have laid out will work whether you are online, offline, or both. Sometimes marketers tend to just jump right in and start selling without dotting all of the “i’s” and crossing all the “t’s” as I’m going to suggest you do. My way isn’t the only way, but it is a way that WILL work if you do all the steps. For the person that craves a methodical approach, this should be perfect for you.

Now let’s jump right in to the ten steps. Some of these may take longer than others. They are laid out in order, to give you a methodical process for both preparing yourself mentally and doing the required legwork that will help ensure your success.

The steps are:

1. Self Assessment
2. Market Research
3. Decision Time
4. Business Planning
5. Financing
6. Startup Paperwork
7. Marketing Plan
8. Assemble Your Support Team
9. Evaluate
10. Launch

Stay tuned for Chapter 1

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