Can email marketing be used for a local business?

Published November 29, 2007 in Email marketing - 0 Comments

The answer is YES, of course!

When I think of all the missed opportunities that businesses seem oblivious that they are missing, I shudder.

How about you? Take a look at some of the local businesses in your region.

If you were to hazard a guess, how many could be using email effectively to keep in contact with their prospects and clients?

My guess: at least 80 percent.

A few years ago, I made a purchase for my home, spending what I consider a large amount of moolah. I also had plans to make a purchase of a related item (which would cost about twice what my original item cost) in the very near future, and told the salesman so. Have I heard from them since I made my purchase? Nope. No phone call, no mailing, no email. Northing. They didn’t ask for my email address and so I know for sure that they don’t have an email campaign going.

Not that I expected it.

Listen, it doesn’t have to be super-duper professional, or hypey. Your goal is to get involved with the customer’s own thoughts and desires, and when they have a need for your kind of product or service, they will naturally think of you.

And why wouldn’t they?

I don’t believe is has to be difficult. For some reason, with many of these small operations, it sounds scary. Maybe it *is* a little frightening if you haven’t done it before.

I ask you: would it differentiate you from the vast majority of your local competitors? You bet.

If done properly, it would foster customer loyalty like you wouldn’t believe.