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Business Cards for Your Business

Published January 3, 2008 in Marketing - 0 Comments

Is it a good idea to have a business card for your business?

You bet!

If you are writing mostly for the internet, many of your clients won’t get your cards. However you will eventually want to attend training and networking events, and these are great opportunities to pass out cards.

What data should be included on the business card?

Put yourself in your prospects shoes. What information would they need about you to make them see they need your services? You must communicate a great deal of data on a relatively small space.

Kind of like the fact we all have the same amount of time in the day, and how can we use that time most effectively? Business cards are all about the same size, and its valuable real estate, so every part of it needs to work in your favor.

The front of the card should include your name, your business name, contact information (phone/website/email), and your title. What should your title be? This gets tricky. Put yourself in the prospect’s shoes and create a title that really expresses what you can do for them.

But (and I’m going to sound like a Ronco commercial here).. that’s not all!

The back of the card should include summaries of the kind of work you do. Do not overlook the importance of the back of the card.

Where should I get my business cards?

Unless you have a relationship with a local printer, there’s no reason to get them locally. It will cost you too much. There are many online options. I have used with great success. They allow you to design your card right on their site, and you can save your work if you need to come back to it later. Highly recommended!

Another great option is Check out their laminated cards.

Free Camtasia Plus Inexpensive Tutorials

Published December 1, 2007 in Marketing , Productivity , Tools - 0 Comments

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve heard about Techsmith’s big giveaway of Camtasia 3.

It’s a fantastic tool for doing full motion screen capture video.

Granted, it’s not the most recent version, but it’s pretty cool nonetheless.

If you haven’t grabbed your copy and registration key, do so right away:


Camtasia Studio download:

Camtasia Studio Key:


Next, do yourself a favor and check out this fantastic Camtasia tutorial. I just bought it myself and it has already saved me hours of time learning and experimenting:

Recipe for Producing Hot Video Tutorials with Camtasia

It’s about 60 pages with many screen shots to explain everything you need to get started.

Easily devise your USP or “Elevator Speech”

Published October 13, 2007 in Marketing - 0 Comments

Everyone in business needs to have a USP (“Unique Selling Proposition”).

The USP answers the question: “Why should I do business with you?”

It should be integrated in all of your marketing.

The concept of the elevator speech is similar, and understanding it will force you to refine your USP into a short, concise couple of sentences. The idea is, if you found yourself in an elevator with an ideal prospect or joint venture partner, would you be able to explain who you are, what you do, and why they should do business or partner with you before they leave the elevator?

Most people need help developing their own USP. If that is you, check out this site:

Through a series of exercises, the company has you get something down in writing, then helps you refine it.

Definitely well worth your time if your USP needs help.

Immersion Workshop by Ray Edwards and Kirt Christensen

Published September 25, 2007 in Copywriting , Marketing - 0 Comments

Fellow copywriter (and friend) Ray Edwards is putting on this cool workshop with Kirt Christensen:

It’s going to be held October 18-20 in Spokane, WA.

It’s essentially a “business make-over”  event where you will be given all the help you need to transform your business.

Take a look. It might just be what you need.