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Perfection is a killer

Published September 2, 2007 in Marketing - 1 Comment

An important point was driven home to me last Friday.

A vendor (let’s call him “Jim”) that sells a specialized internet-based service called and asked if he could do a web-based demonstration of his service.

If Jim had realized that he had done the same about three years ago, he gave me no indication of such.

I told him sure, let’s see what you have to offer. He proceeded to lead me through the service through his webinar system.

This time around, the service looked much more user-friendly and an overall better deal. I was mucho impressed.

Here’s the kicker: three years ago, I went with a different provider because I felt Jim’s service wasn’t quite ready for prime time. But think about this: if Jim had waited to go to market until his offering was “perfect”, he probably wouldn’t have been talking with me on the phone last Friday. He would have given up long ago, having run out of money.

Instead, he went out into the marketplace and sold many clients, and kept improving his service to the point that I am seriously thinking about switching my business over to him.

I think there’s a lesson there for those among us who are having trouble “getting going”. There’s a fine line between getting something good enough for the marketplace, and perfecting it far more than necessary before going to market. There’s always time to improve later. Get your product out there in some fashion, get paid for your work, and let the marketplace guide you into making it into a better product or service.

FamilyEbiz Conference

Published March 2, 2007 in Marketing , Media - 0 Comments

The FamilyEbiz event was fantastic!

Due to a number of technical snafus on my part, I was not able to post during the event.
The speakers were:

Debra Thompson

Dave Lakhani

Craig Perrine

Matt Bacak

Ray Edwards

Kerry Beck

Steve Beck

The audios should be available to purchase soon. I’ll post a link once they are completed.

In the meantime, you may check out any of the speakers listed above. You’ll find gobs of free material to build or improve your business.

FamilyEbiz Conference next week

Published February 17, 2007 in Marketing , Media - 0 Comments

I’ll be attending Stephen Beck’s FamilyEbiz Expo in San Antonio next week.

There’s a great lineup of speakers. You may still have time to sign up.

Or, you may be interested in the materials that Stephen offers. He focuses on training your children to make money online.

I’ll post a report upon my return. Heck, I may even post while attending the conference.

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