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FamilyEbiz Conference next week

Published February 17, 2007 in Marketing , Media - 0 Comments

I’ll be attending Stephen Beck’s FamilyEbiz Expo in San Antonio next week.

There’s a great lineup of speakers. You may still have time to sign up.

Or, you may be interested in the materials that Stephen offers. He focuses on training your children to make money online.

I’ll post a report upon my return. Heck, I may even post while attending the conference.

Talking to your kids about money

Published November 30, 2006 in Media - 0 Comments

If you can help your kids have healthy attitudes towards money, you will have given them a special gift. Kids today normally learn very little about money management in school.

I was recently explaining to my children that when you take out a mortgage, you pay mostly interest for many years. I figured out what I had spent on interest on our house, and I nearly puked. Seriously, though I deal with monetary figures every day in my work, I had not grasped how big that number was.

The Bible says that the borrower is the slave of the lender, and boy right now I believe it!

If you belong to a credit union, they will sometimes have morning or afternoon classes on money management. If possible, you should have your children take advantage of them. Even so, your instruction on the topic over the course of several years will have as great an impact, probably greater. Tell them about your own experiences, especially your mistakes. Help them learn how to make financial decisions. Have them work out scenarios on paper (buying house A for X and borrowing for 30 years vs. house B for Y for 15 years).

They’ll thank you for it later, I promise you.

No more FM radio: the long tail’s revenge!

Published November 16, 2006 in Media , Reviews - 0 Comments

As promised, here is my notes on the book, The Long Tail.

Author Chris Anderson notes early in the book:

“iTunes killed the radio star.”


“Increasingly, the mass market is turning into a mass of niches”.

These are powerful statements, and true, of course. The evidence is all around us. Not only iTunes, but Amazon and Netflix also.

In case it’s not clear, the “tail” referred to in the title is the right side of a distribution curve, where the Y axis represents popularity and the X axis represents demand.

Under the old paradigm, due to various constraints (shelf space, airtime, money) products which have low demand are not carried by mainstream retailers or entertainment providers (TV, radio, movie theaters). There are simply not enough resources to make them availalble.

Under the new paradigm, if you need more storage space, you just buy another warehouse (Netflix, Amazon) or server (iTunes).

Anderson points out that the roots of Long Tail predate the internet: Sears and Roebuck.

In Chapter 4, Anderson helpfully enumerates six themes of the Long Tail:

  1. There are far more niche products than hits.
  2. The cost of reaching these niches is falling dramatically.
  3. The right tools and tecniques offered by sellers can drive traffic further to the right of the Long Tail.
  4. When there’s a supply of niche goods available and customers can find them, the demand curve flattens.
  5. There are so many niches products available that collectively, they can rival the hits.
  6. Once all of this is in place, the natural shape of demand is revealed.

He summarizes thusly:

“A Long Tail is just culture unfiltered by economic scarcity.”


There’s so much here, you may as well get the book yourself and read it.

Lessons learned from the Godfather, Part 1

Published September 20, 2006 in Media - 0 Comments

I watched the first Godfather movie last night. I watched it once before and wasn’t impressed. Looking back, I’m not sure what my problem was, because this time I ate it up!

This time, it made a huge impression on me.

I’ll mention two specific items.

Decisiveness. One very clear issue is that once a decision was made, it was settled. There was no room for being wishy-washy.

Guts. There’s no better way to put it, in polite company at least. The Corleone family was willing to do “whatever it took” to achieve their objectives. Some of their actions were horrifying. Whatever was required, they did it.

What can we learn from the movie?

Decisiveness is crucial is you are going to achieve anything in life. Make a decision and see it through.

The guts part is a little trickier. Of course, violence and taking advantage of others is out of the question. But the willingness to stand up and go above and beyond for the good of one’s family is a lesson that more need to be mindful of today. I know I do.

Political Advertising…argh!

Published September 1, 2006 in Media - 0 Comments

It’s that time of year.

I get weary of all the policitical advertising that says a whole lot but communicates nothing.

I’m grateful I don’t watch TV, so I only have the print ads to deal with.

Hey, I’m a marketer myself, so I have nothing against advertising. Just give me a compelling reason to listen to you. Don’t bore me to death.