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Easily Create Your Own Survey

Published May 23, 2008 in Productivity - 0 Comments

If you’re looking for an easy and no-cost way of creating your own survey for your web page, I found the perfect tool for you:

Form Spring

This tool is extremely easy to use and the end product looks great.

There’s a surprising amount of flexibility in the appearance of your form.

The link again is:

Form Spring


Published May 23, 2008 in Productivity - 0 Comments

If you need to visit a list of specific websites every day (news sites, blogs, bank sites, forums, etc), here is an easy way to do it.

1. Sign up for a free backflip account.

2. In the “My Daily Routine” section, add the URLs of the sites you want to visit daily.

3. When you go online everyday, log in to backflip and click on “My Daily Routine”. The first site will appear within the Backflip “frame”. When you are finished with the first site, click “next”. Continue until you’ve worked through all the required sites.

This is the best method I’ve found, and it won’t cost you a dime.

My Project Management Saga

Published May 1, 2008 in Productivity , Tools - 0 Comments

Here’s the latest word on my project management quest…

I decided that Google Sites didn’t quite do it for me. Maybe the app is just not mature enough yet.

I had been looking for something like Activecollab, which was supposed to be open source forever, but which had morphed into a paid model sometime last fall. There was a link on the site to the last free version, and for some reason that link never worked for me.

Well, in my research I stumbled upon this site:

This outfit will host Activecollab (open source version) for you for $5/month. However, they also give you the last open source version (o.7.1) if you have the means and inclination to install and use it on your own server.

I gleefully downloaded and installed it. It was a fairly straightforward process, but something went wrong and it didn’t come up for me.


I kept looking and found Project Pier: What these guys are doing is actively developing activeCollab 0.7.1. Free, open source. I downloaded and installed it and it worked without a hitch. So, looks like I’ll be putting Project Pier through it’s paces.

In the market for a laptop?

Published April 24, 2008 in Productivity , Tools - 0 Comments

I have purchased several laptops over the years. In fact, I likely will not buy another desktop computer. A mind-range laptop is powerful enough for my needs, and they’re portable!

This site:

Is indispensable forĀ  researching your laptop before you buy it. Click on the “notebook reviews” tab and you’ll surprisingly detailed reviews of many machines. The reviews often include close up photos of the keyboard and sides (so you can see the ports close up).

Highly recommended!

3 Print Utilities I Use Nearly Every Day

Published April 23, 2008 in Productivity , Tools - 0 Comments

These print utilities make my life easier every day. Each one has a free and paid version, and I use the free versions currently.

Fine Print.

This awesome utility allows you to:

  • Bring up a print job and view it before you print (similar to print preview)
  • Delete pages that you don’t want to print
  • Shrink pages and print multiple pages on on page (2, 4, or 8 pages)
  • Manual duplexing if you don’t have an automatic duplex printer

I usually choose 2 or 4 pages, depending on the print size. It really cuts down on the paper, especially when using duplex.

They don’t really advertise the free/trial version, which prints a small banner at the bottom of every page.

PDF Redirect

I have tried many PDF creation utilities, and PDF Redirect works the best for me. One feature I really like is the ability to combine multiple PDFs into one document.

If you’ve never used one of these before, they allow you to create a PDF document instead of printing.

Faststone Capture

This is a “print screen” utility, and I absolutely love it!

It allows you to:

  • Print the whole screen, the active window, or a portion you select
  • Print it or save it
  • Crop and resize

The current version of Faststone is no longer free, but you can download a prior version from:

All of these utilities will cut down on your paper consumption, if used properly.

Let me know how they work for you!