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Two must-have research tools for internet marketers

Published May 8, 2007 in Tools - 0 Comments

If you’re an information junkie (and what marketer isn’t) then listen up.

You simply must check these out if you haven’t yet.

First, Google Notebook for saving urls, web pages, images and more, from any location. I had known about this tool but put off learning how to use it. Why, I cannot fathom. If you have a google account, this tool is super easy to use.

Second, Evernote. Evernote is PC-based rather than internet based. It gives you a way to store all of those little snippets of data that don’t really belong somewhere else. I’m just now beginning to scratch the surface of what it can do. Plus, there is a very active user forum—almost always a good sign that people are happy with the product and trying to maximize the benefits of using it.

XsitePro, I love you!

Published March 11, 2007 in Tools - 0 Comments

Wow am I thrilled or what!

I had purchased XsitePro (a website builder program especially tailored for internet marketers) months ago and didn’t take the time to learn it until now.

I decided to read through the documentation today and was able to put up the following website:

If you’re an aspiring guitarist, go ahead and take a look.

For more information on XsitePro, check out this link:

Neato Firefox Trick!

Published September 15, 2006 in Tools - 0 Comments

I just discovered this cool feature of Firefox. If you already knew about it, don’t tell me so I can keep pretending I discovered it.

Almost everybody knows that you can have multiple tabs open in Firefox.

Here’s the cool part.

If you visit the same handful of websites every day, or first thing every day, you can tell Firefox to open up all of those sites in separate tabs whenever you start the program.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Open Firefox, then open enough tabs for your favorite sites. Try and keep it to a manageable number, say 7 or so.
  2. In each tabbed window, type the URL for the specified site.
  3. Tools-Options-Home Page, and select “Use Current Pages”

Pretty nifty.