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You want samples? Here’s a few.


Joel Comm‘s Click Here to Order book.

This project included not only the copy for the book itself, but also several upsells and emails for affiliates to mail.

The book copy can be viewed at:

The emails can be found here: Email 1, Email 2, Email 3.

(As a side note, even the venerable Dr. Harlan Kilstein used one of my emails. Click here to see it and compare to my “Email 2”. You’ll see that Kilstein made the subject line a little more…colorful… and personalized it, which is the right way to use these type of emails. But 98% of it is the way I wrote it.)

The project also included upsells for Joel’s “Top One Report” and Elevate Seminar.


I have done some writing for Ray Edwards and his clients. Here’s one example:


A joint venture project: Whole Dog Care included these autoresponder messages:

Email 1, Email 2, Email 3, Email 4, Email 5


For testimonials, click below:

Testimonials for Darrel Hawes

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