May 14

Copywriting Clarity


Sometimes one just has to get up on a soapbox, to get something off of their chest.

Today is one of those days for me.

Do you ever wonder if folks read their own emails before they send them? Or do they stop to consider how their readers are going to react to the communication…

Here is one example: one firm is sending me regular emails on a list to which I did subscribe. I later decided that I wanted to unsubscribe. Problem: there is no unsubscribe mechanism or instructions, anywhere in the email. None. No contact information either. Hmm…

Another glaring example, pointed out in another newsletter: the ubiquitous phrase, DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL. I have normaly seen it in all caps, like I’ve shown here.

Think about it for a second: is that truly the message you wanted to convey. Don’t contact us? If someone has a question, or wants to order something, what are they supposed to do? If they are having trouble with your web page, what then?

How much better would it be to say:

“In order to serve you better, please send any inquiries to one of the following (depending on what sort of question the reader has). Or include a phone number. Or even a link to a “contact us” page. Or, go all out and include all three.
If you put yourself in the your readers’ shoes, it will be fair easy to discover what reasons they might they have for contacting you.

Do your best to make a list all of these reasons, and then provide a means for them to contact you in the event they have any of these problems.

I promise you, speaking from experience as a sometimes frustrated customer, it will make a big difference for your business.


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