January 11

Email marketing and attrition


I recently mentioned the concept of building your list “one at a time”. One reason this is important is due to attrition.

People change their email address and forget to notify you. Sometimes they are trying to get rid of spam and sometimes it is a change for a different reason. Bottom line: their email starts bouncing and you lose a subscriber.

A mail box fills up and the email starts bouncing. This can happen for a number of reasons. The reader may be sick or out of town and unable to read his or her email. They intended to stay on your list but it looks they’ve abandoned their email address.

Often readers get fed up dealing with all of their email, and go on mass unsubscribe rampages.

Or they just realize that they aren’t really interest in your product or service.

Whatever the reason, email list attrition is a part of life and there’s nothing you can do about it, most of the time.

To compensate, you must keep adding new readers to your list if you want to at least keep it the same size.

My prior post gave some ideas for doing that.


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