September 28

Ethics and Copywriting


Are you a beginning copywriter?

After you start getting copywriting clients, you will eventually be approached by someone who asks you to get creative with the truth in order to sell more “widgets”.

Or maybe you will face the temptation yourself without any outside pressure.

What will you do?

Copywriting is like the accounting field in this respect: if we don’t have integrity, we don’t have anything. You should decide for yourself which lines you will never cross, and then resolve to never cross them.

Many copywriters are upfront about not writing for certain fields or types of products and services. You should do the same. Make sure that when your head hits the pillow, you can be proud of the work you did. You don’t want to regret taking on certain clients later.

The other aspect is a little more slippery. Once copywriters improve their skills, naturally their persuasive skills are finely honed. It goes with the territory. You will find it easier and easier to creatively manipulate the facts in ways that people hardly notice but which have an effect: increased sales or conversions.

Make up your mind that you will never use your skills to take advantage of anyone. Your job is to persuade the prospect to say yes and take action, not to manipulate the facts.

You can write it down and believe it. And your conscience will thank you later.


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