Ezine Advertising Strategies

Published January 7, 2008 in Email marketing , Marketing - 0 Comments

Here are some ideas to help you as you begin thinking about advertising in ezines.

  • Go Slow. It’s your money, so spend as little as possible in the beginning. You don’t know yet what is going to work.
  • Test. Have mechanisms in place to track the actions of the prospects who view the ad, and commit yourself to doing the testing.
  • Offer to trade advertising space with the ezine owner, if you have your own ezine.
  • Don’t advertise in an ezine until you have read at least a few of the issues. Get on their mailing list. Is the ezine targeted well to your market?
  • If at all possible, collect the names and email addresses of prospects who respond to your ad. They will then become *your* prospects and you can email them according to own schedule.