March 13

Find copywriting jobs by looking around you…


If you want to start working as a copywriter, take stock of what abilities and advantages you already have. Are you working in a job where you can get work as a copywriter? Or where you can work on your salesmanship skills?

Salesmanship is a skill; it can therefore be learned. It can also be applied in almost any situation to persuade others to accept your point of view.

If you are looking for a new job, see if you can rewrite your resume based upon what you are learning about copywriting. Or maybe you can help a friend with a resume. Always ask for a testimonial, especially if you are not otherwise getting paid.

Is there a non-profit in your area that could use help with their fund-raising letters? Offer to re-write one in exchange for a testimonial. Do your best to get testimonials that contain specific measurable results: “Jason’s copy improved our response rate by at least 25%”.

Start with your current life and work, and begin using your newly-acquired copywriting skills within familiar territory. You may be surprised at the results. Remember that “copywriting” is not limited to the written word, despite the name. It can also apply to scripts and verbal techniques used to encourage others to understand and adopt your position.


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