Homeschooling? Don’t sweat it…

Published June 16, 2006 in Misc - 0 Comments

Homeschooling can be as “easy” or “difficult” as you want it to be. What makes it “difficult” for many familiies is the drive to fulfill someone’s ideas of what should be done. Give serious thought to what your values are. What do you wish to achieve?

I place a high priority on the love of learning and on discipline. If my kids have those two down before they leave home, I’ll be happy. Of course there are many particular books that I want them to read, and many facts I desire for them to know. But I want to train them to be adults, not (merely) walking encyclopedias.

I once read a short interview with a self-taught engineer. This guy was a subcontractor for Boeing, so he was no slouch. He believes that the difference between a novice and expert is ninety days. Of course, that means studying your brains out for those ninety days. He may have been optimistic about the time period, but I believe the principle is basically sound.

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