January 10

Learn copywriting by affiliate marketing


One method of learning and practicing your copywriting skills is affiliate marketing.What’s affiliate marketing?

It’s simply the process of selling products for someone else, and taking a share of the sales price.

You can see this in action by typing a popular search term, like “guitar lesson” into Google. When you do this, you will see ads on the right side of the screen. Someone has paid the the placement of each of those ads, and while many use this method to sell their own products, some use it as affiliates.

There are many ways to sell as an affiliate; here’s how a typical setup would work for the products you see advertised on the right side of Google.

If you click on an ad link, the seller is charged for that click. The seller will typically do one of two different things. First, they may send you to a web page where they will sell you on a product they are promoting for someone else, and try to get you to click on a link to a checkout page. Second, the smart ones will send you to a page and try and persuade you to sign up for an email list, and THEN they will sell you on the product via email.

If someone buys through your link, you get paid! You can therefore learn by doing. Just make sure that you understand enough about Google Adwords that you don’t spend too much for the clicks.


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