May 18

Learn Copywriting, Part 3


If you write copy, either for yourself or for clients, education is a continual process.

You will always be looking for something new, to help you improve your skills.

Most copywriters are continually on the lookout for books and materials to improve their proficiency.

One book that is universally regarded as a “must read” by expert copywriters is:

Breakthrough Advertising, by Eugene Schwartz. Breakthrough Advertising
It’s available here:

Another book mentioned by most copywriters is:

Scientific Advertising, by Claude Hopkins.

His book can be downloaded for free from many different websites. If you buy a print version, as I did, you will most often find an edition that includes another of his books, My Life in Advertising.

One story that Jay Abraham tells about Hopkins is this:

In the 1920’s, Hopkins accepted Schlitz Beer as a client. Schlitz wanted to increase their market share. Hopkins was given a tour of the facility and the multitude of processes the company performed to ensure consistency of taste and cleanliness.

He was floored. He asked the company why they didn’t tell the public about all of the steps taken to ensure quality and purity in their beer. Their reply: “Our processes are similar to every other beer maker.” They felt that they were not unique.

Hopkins let them know that the market would give them “credit” if Schlitz told the story first.

They (Schlitz) did, and they (the market) did.

Just one example of Hopkin’s genius perspective, and there are many.

David Ogilvy, who was one of the most successful and celebrated copywriters of the previous century, is widely quoted as saying that no one should have anything at all to do with writing advertising unless and until they read Scientific Advertising at least seven times.


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