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When you send an email message to your subscriber list, the objective is to get the message read. Observing the following guidelines will increase the likelihood of that happening.

Personalize the email. This is a technique used by direct mail marketers for years, because it works. Dale Carnegie used to say that people like to hear the sound of their own name. If you can capture the prospect’s name, you can easily format your messages to insert his or her name in the header and/or the body of the email.

Always include something of value. Your objective is not only to get your message read, but to continue a conversation with them in the future. Give them something to look forward to for your next message. Be entertaining, and helpful too.

Always include an unsubscribe link. You must provide a link for your reader to unsubscribe, and in fact it’s a requirement if you are sending “commercial bulk email” – which is what marketers normally do. Some marketers take this a step further and play with the legalese a little.

“Here’s an example: you’d be crazy to unsubscribe, but if you want to miss out on all the benefits I offer every week in this newsletter, here’s how you do it…”

If you sign a contract with one of the major autoresponder services, you can set up the preceding actions to happen automatically. It takes a little bit of work on the front end, but the results will be worth it.

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