Marketing FAQ


Q. What is marketing?

A. Marketing is the process of attracting prospects and deepening relationships with existing customers and clients.

Q. If I create a quality product or service, won’t it “sell itself”.

A. Sorry, but no. It might seem the world should work that way, but it does not.

Q. What do I need to do then, to get customers and clients?

A. Well, first you must have a lead or prospect generation system. Next, you must have a process for converting those prospects into buyers. Then you actually provide the product or service. And finally, ideally you have a system for selling them more stuff.

Q. I don’t have the budget to take out big Yellow Pages ads. Can I still do marketing?

A. You sure can. Bear in mind the difference between Image Advertising and Direct Response Advertising.

Image Advertising is what you typically see on billboards and Super Bowl commercials. They might be funny and make a statement, but they don’t actually call for a specific action.

Direct Response Advertising, on the other hand, does call for a specific action. That action might be to call for more information, click on a link to another website, or buy a product. Systems are constructed to test the results of the advertising, and different words and offers are tested with the goal of improving conversions.

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