My Project Management Saga

Published May 1, 2008 in Productivity , Tools - 0 Comments

Here’s the latest word on my project management quest…

I decided that Google Sites didn’t quite do it for me. Maybe the app is just not mature enough yet.

I had been looking for something like Activecollab, which was supposed to be open source forever, but which had morphed into a paid model sometime last fall. There was a link on the site to the last free version, and for some reason that link never worked for me.

Well, in my research I stumbled upon this site:

This outfit will host Activecollab (open source version) for you for $5/month. However, they also give you the last open source version (o.7.1) if you have the means and inclination to install and use it on your own server.

I gleefully downloaded and installed it. It was a fairly straightforward process, but something went wrong and it didn’t come up for me.


I kept looking and found Project Pier: What these guys are doing is actively developing activeCollab 0.7.1. Free, open source. I downloaded and installed it and it worked without a hitch. So, looks like I’ll be putting Project Pier through it’s paces.

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