One Effective Story-Telling Technique

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Red moon shines on a burning tree
Someone is taking my life from me
Where is my family, the light of my day
Someone has taken them all away

These words were penned by master songwriter, musician, and record producer Michael Omartian. (The song is “White Horse”, from the mid-70’s album of the same name.)

Great writers will often drop the reader right in the middle of action, or in this case, drama.

Some of the world’s most effective copywriters use the same technique. Here’s a representative example:

They Laughed When I Sat Down At The Piano, But When I Sat Down To Play…

In both cases, the writer goes on to engage the reader into the story. It’s almost like using a time machine to simply drop another person at a specific place at a certain point in time.

We often have a tendency to want to give all the background first, and then get on with the story… but in so doing, the reader often goes on to something else.

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