Neato Firefox Trick!

Published September 15, 2006 in Tools - 0 Comments

I just discovered this cool feature of Firefox. If you already knew about it, don’t tell me so I can keep pretending I discovered it.

Almost everybody knows that you can have multiple tabs open in Firefox.

Here’s the cool part.

If you visit the same handful of websites every day, or first thing every day, you can tell Firefox to open up all of those sites in separate tabs whenever you start the program.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Open Firefox, then open enough tabs for your favorite sites. Try and keep it to a manageable number, say 7 or so.
  2. In each tabbed window, type the URL for the specified site.
  3. Tools-Options-Home Page, and select “Use Current Pages”

Pretty nifty.

What’s holding you back from…

Published September 14, 2006 in Productivity - 0 Comments

…pursuing your dreams?

…from achieving the level of success that you desire?

…attaining the level of intimacy and harmony with your spouse that you’ve always desired?

…or, whatever else is important to you?

You only have one life to live, so live it to the fullest.

Figure out what is standing in your way, and overcome it.

Hint: it’s probably something inside you.

Wanna be a Purple Cow?

Published September 9, 2006 in Reviews - 0 Comments

If you are having trouble getting your business to stand out from the others in your market, you really must read Seth Godin’s book, Purple Cow.

Godin explains why it’s so important to make your business remarkable, and offers examples and some ideas on how to do it.

Best Freeware #2 of 46: Anti-virus Software

Published September 6, 2006 in Tools - 0 Comments

You do have an antivirus program, right?

In this category, there are two that receive equal mention.

First, AVG. Second, Avast!

I have personally used both and have no complaints. If you’re not running antivirus due to the cost of a commercial costs, run, don’t walk and install either one of these programs. And keep the virus definition database updated.

Also, remember to floss, and don’t run with scissors.

Full article:

Political Advertising…argh!

Published September 1, 2006 in Media - 0 Comments

It’s that time of year.

I get weary of all the policitical advertising that says a whole lot but communicates nothing.

I’m grateful I don’t watch TV, so I only have the print ads to deal with.

Hey, I’m a marketer myself, so I have nothing against advertising. Just give me a compelling reason to listen to you. Don’t bore me to death.

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