Homeschooling and entrepreneurship

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Homeschooling gives one the opportunity to train your kids to start and operate their own business. Just having that mindset early on can give them the greatest possible chance of launching a successful product or service. If you’re in the United States, you are in the best possible location to start a new operation, at least for now. Why not give your kids the tools they need to be a success? More on this later.

Freeware antivirus program

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You do know that you should be running an up-to-date antivirus program, and that there are good freeware alternatives if you don’t want to pay for one, right?
One that I have used is Avast (

If you’re surfing unprotected, it’s well worth a look.

Freeware open source encryption software

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True Crypt is a powerful program you may consider using if you have sensitive data on your computer. It can be used on Windows XP and 2000, and Linux.

Get more information and download at

Music Camp

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I’m staying with my kids in another city, and they are attending a music camp during the day. It’s been great to spend focused time with them. I’m able to interact with them in the morning, then work for several hours when they’re at the camp, then we have the late afternoon and evening to goof off.

The camp is directed toward vocal instruction, and they’re doing a concert on Saturday. I hope the kids appreciate the sacrifice it took on my part to do this.

Bible study on the cheap

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If you study the Bible, I recommend the freeware program e-Sword, available at Perhaps the coolest aspect of the program is the ability to create your own modules. The modules can be Bibles, commentaries, books, or maps. If that sounds interesting to you, go to and download your copy. And use it!