Copywriting Grammar: Why Your Copywriting Does Not Always Need To Follow Textbook English Rules

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One issue that beginning copywriters often struggle with is realizing that good copy does not always need to follow the rules of grammar. Now there are always differing opinions on this issue, however the fact remains that effective copy often breaks the rules of grammar.

This is true because copy mirrors actual speech, and people do not always speak the way they write. In effective copy, we often see one-sentence paragraphs. We see sentences that omit the subject. Sentences sometimes begin with the word ‘AND’. The best copywriters will even frequently employ one-word sentences, or even one-word paragraphs.

Now when we point out these facts, it should not be assumed that copywriting can be sloppy. The exact opposite is true. Again, the best copywriters are careful with their grammar. They only break the rules for specific reasons, usually for emphasis. Copywriters at the top of their craft routinely study the standard works on writing, from Elements of Style by Strunk and White to On Writing by Stephen King. A good copywriter will pay attention to word selection, alliteration, and all the other elements associated with good writing. The very best copywriters read their copy out loud, usually several times, to ensure the smooth flow of words.

An appropriate comparison can be made to a professional athlete. Whether a baseball, football, or basketball player, the pro will often have his or her own style. Be that as it may, they first learned how to execute techniques by the book.

Ultimately, as a copywriter the only rule is whether the copy effectively generates the desired effect or not (leads or sales).

Email Marketing: A Quick and Easy Method of Increasing Your Autoresponder Marketing ROI

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Email marketers, like every other types of marketers, are continually looking for ways to increase the profitability of their marketing campaigns. Here’s a simple method of doing that.

Many email or autoresponder management services have a special feature, namely, a warning screen a reader is taken to if they try to subscribe to your list twice.

Why would someone try to subscribe twice? The most common reason is… they are highly interested not only in the topic, but they are furthermore interested in what YOU have to say, and on top of that, they’re already signed up previously (but forgot).

Someone that has previously signed up and is wanting to sign up for your list again is very likely a good prospect. So, why not take advantage of an opportunity?

Besides, the warning screen is often rather foreboding and the reader is easily “put off” by it. Why create a problem where there doesn’t need to be one? Why not take lemons and make lemonade? Here’s a solution that will fix that problem and additionally increase your profits.

All you have to do is replace the default warning screen with an offer to buy something! You might even offer them a special deal, pointing out the fact they are already a subscriber. If you don’t want to sell them something at this point, offer a bonus or send them to your blog. Whatever you do, use the opportunity to promote your products and your websites.

Following these hints will explode your autoresponder and email marketing profits!

How to Make Your Copywriting More Effective

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Anyone who writes copy, either for their own products or services or for clients, should want their copy to be more effective. This means more satisfied customers and more sales. How do you increase the effectiveness of your copy?

Here’s how:

Before you write one word, fix in your mind what you want to achieve with your sales letter or other promotional piece. Be specific. Don’t just say to yourself, “I want the reader to buy my product”. Instead, outline in detail what you want your reader to feel, experience, and ultimately gain from buying your product. You can even go further and put some kind of number on your desired outcome… how many sales do you want to make.

With this approach, you don’t have to concern yourself with sounding cool or making funny jokes in your copy. Imitating other sales letters is not your goal either. None of that is relevant to your goal! Everything you say and demonstrate is now focused on persuading the reader to buy your product.

For example, let’s say you are selling an information product on how to raise chickens. Should you include pictures of your children or grandchildren in your sales letter? Only if it helps persuade the reader to buy your product. Likewise, should you include fancy “Web 2.0” graphics and “involvement devices”? If you determine that it will help you sell more product, then you should do so.

Do you research and test everything, always with your end goal in mind. This rule will help you decide what to do, and more importantly, what not to do in your sales copy.

When To Use A Hosted Email Service

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Almost every business can benefit from effective email marketing. One question that business owners often have is: why kind of system do I need to manage my customer and prospect email addresses?

The majority of small businesses would be well-advised to use a hosted service. Many good services exist. Two widely-used examples are Aweber and GetResponse. When we refer to a “hosted service”, we are speaking of a service that is managed by an outside company, with nothing to install in your own server. The latter type, often call self-hosted, has some advantages, but is too complicated for the average small business person to effectively operate.

What do you gain by using a hosted email marketing service? There are several.

First, most of these services have a top-notch reputation with email servers all over the world. This means that your email is more likely to be delivered than if you manage your own system.

Second, hosted email services typically have many email deliverability experts that will jump into action if any of your emails begin to be flagged as spam. This inevitably happens to the best of us; you merely get to avoid doing some of the legwork to fix it.

Third, most of the better hosted services have built-in tools for helping your emails pass as many spam filters as possible. They will typically give each email a score on the “spam” scale and show you what factors contribute to that score. You can then make changes as necessary if you choose.

The downside is that you have to pay a monthly fee versus a one-time cost. However, what you are getting for the small monthly fee will typically far outweigh the cost and time involved in managing your own email marketing software on your own server.

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