April 22

Project Management with Google Apps?


There are hordes of free and non-free project management tools available, especially online.

If someone wants a reliable system and doesn’t want to spring for Basecamp or any of the other myriad of systems available, what is he or she to do?

Well, with the addition of Google Sites to the Google Apps suite, we have one more option to try out. I’ll be giving it a shot for one of my projects.

While it’s not a true project management system, it does provide an easy way to create new projects (simply create a new site) and group all the required files in one place. You can easily create pages with lists or whatever you need to track with the built-in page templates.

Some of the helpful links I found:




http://meetings.abanet.org/ltrc/index.cfm?data=20080317 (scroll down to the second post)


P.S. I made a 17 minute video explaining how to use Google Apps for project management in more detail.

To get lifetime access, including future updates, enter your information and press the button below:

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It’s risk-free! If you don’t like it for any reason, just let me know within 30 days and I’ll paypal you back a 100% refund.


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  1. Take a look at gGanttic. It is a PM (Gantt actually) on top of Google Spreadsheet. Still buggy but has a potential.
    (Fair disclosure: I wrote it, out of frustration with MS Project)

  2. You have to check out http://www.manymoon.com its the only to online free web application that works with google apps

    Manymoon is a secure to do list and project management application for Google Apps! Manymoon is like Basecamp and Sharepoint for Google Docs.

    * Private and Shared To Do List (attach Google Docs)
    * Turn emails into tasks, receive daily reminders
    * Projects and milestones linked to Google Doc
    * Add tasks to google Calendar


  3. Hey Steve, that looks really good… especially the integration with the Google apps. I’ll put Manymoon through it’s paces and see if it works for me.

  4. Ed,

    I ended up sticking with Basecamp. I’m still interested in other solutions for smaller projects or to use in organizations other than my business. I’d like to make use of Google Docs or Apps since they are used so widely and accessible to anyone, anywhere.

  5. Hi Darrel,

    Just to add to your pile of tools … my partner and I built ProjectGoo which integrates MS Project Standard of Pro with GCal and GDocs … it’s a full collaboration platform and has been tested with a team of 5 and a team of 50. Happy to give you a tour …

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