May 15

Ray Edwards Leaves Testimonial For Darrel


If you don’t have time to watch this short video, here is the text of Ray’s comments:

Ray Edwards

“Hi! This is copywriter Ray Edwards. You may know me because I have written copy for some of the top online marketers, and I have on occasion hired copywriters to write copy for me for some of my projects.

That list of copywriters is very short. And the list of copywriters that I have hired once and will hire a second time is unfortunately even shorter. And on that very short list of copywriters that I would recommend to my friends is Darrel Hawes.

Now here’s what I can tell you about Darrel. He knows how to write copy that gets results. Part of the reason is he has taken my copywriting training, he’s a student of mine so he’s learned my system for writing copy.

Secondly, he’s very conscientious about deadlines, he’s never missed a deadline for me and I am confident he’ll have the copy turned in on time for you as well.

And the third quality about Darrel that makes him unique, is that he will continue to keep working with you after the first draft is turned in to make sure that the copy is everything you wanted the copy to be in the beginning.

So I can’t think of a stronger recommendation to give you for Darrel Hawes except this one:

I’ve paid him money to write copy for me in the past, and I will pay him money to write copy for me in the future.”


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