May 28

SEO Copywriting


WAYY back in the mid-1990’s, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) was all about driving traffic to your site and NOT really about making sales/conversions. Duh! This kind of bad thinking led up to the dot-bomb. Hey, we’re actually supposed to generate a profit!

SEO copywriting is a blend of writing for the search engines AND for your human prospects.

Here’s an analogy from the Yellow Pages.

There are techniques that you can use to increase the chances that a prospect sees your ad first when searching the Yellow Pages for the answer to their problem. Many companies have chosen a company name beginning with “A” for this reason. Or you may have a catchy headline or graphics. That’s the equivalent of SEO, getting eyeballs to view your copy.

Once you have “hooked” your prospect though, your copy must do it’s job of converting. It doesn’t necessarily mean an immediate sale, though in some industries it will (think tooth pain). It may mean a phone call for more information. If you can get your prospect to take some definite step, that’s copywriting in action.


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