March 12

Start a Copywriting Business


Let’s focus on some of the technical or administrative aspects to starting your copywriting business.

There a few details that you must not overlook, but please don’t get bogged down with the details until you have figured out how to get clients! I don’t want you spending your time and money on activities that aren’t going to bring in a return.

As soon as you can afford it, set up a legal entity under which you will operate. For many people this will mean a “C” corporation, an “S” corporation, or an LLC (Limited Liability Company). The main objective is to provide legal protection for your assets in case one of your clients decides to sue you. Other considerations include tax benefits.

You should probably get professional advice on which way to go, depending on your individual circumstances. You can pay an attorney to get his or her advice, and it wouldn’t hurt to ask a tax professional too. Or you can hire an attorney who is also a CPA. If you want, you can still do all the legwork yourself of filling out the forms, etc, although it would be a lot less stressful if you let the pros do it.

You will have to have a ID number set up with the IRS, and probably apply to your state to form your corporation or LLC. This may cost $200.00 or more just for the filing fees.

You should also open a separate checking account for your business.

Always have your clients pay you in your business name, not your name, and deposit the money into your business checking account.

Another item you will want to take care of early on is business cards. I’ll talk more about this later. Make it easy for the prospect to see what you can do and why it will benefit them.


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