March 12

Learn Copywriting, Part 2


To get good as a copywriter, you must be a good student.

Find out what has worked in the past, and what is working now, and copy it.

Start a “swipe” file of good sales letters. You will need a paper version and an electronic version. Keep all of the good direct mail pieces that arrive at your home or business. At least, do your best to save the best of the them. Analyze them. What makes them perform well? What can you adapt to one of your projects? When you read an email or web page sales letter that you think is good, save it to your computer.

You will particularly want to save the copy for any product that you have personally purchased. Ask yourself what made you want to buy?
There are many books available on the subject of copywriting, and you should begin collecting them. In future posts, I will be discussing some of them. Find a mentor or copywriting buddy and ask them what single book has helped them the most. My favorite place to buy books is Ebay also has some great finds if you know exactly what you are looking for.

Another good resource for studying advertising is your local library. Look at magazine ads that are run over and over again. Chances are the business is making money from those ads or they wouldn’t keep running them.


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