September 5

The Service Professional’s “Triad”


This is a really cool concept that Ben Settle discusses here:

He suggests that copywriters break out their working time into thirds:

  • Doing fee-based copy projects
  • Doing performanced-based projects (joint ventures)
  • Creating/enhancing one’s own products

This struck me as a very synergistic model. Here are my thoughts:

  • Fee-based projects can bring in consistent income, assuming you have a good marketing funnel. Keeping one of these “in the hopper” at all times keeps you involved with what is happening in the marketplace, outside of your own business.
  • Performance-based projects keep you focused on those activities that produce income.
  • Your own products can create long-term, semi-passive income.

The great part is… this is not limited to copywriters! I’m convinced that almost anyone whose job is to provide a service can apply it in some way.

In future posts, I’ll provide some examples.


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