Three Print Utilities I Use Everyday

Published August 28, 2006 in Tools - 0 Comments

Here are three printing utilities that have made my life easier, and they will do the same for you.

I use them almost every day.

1. Fineprint (

I use the free version, which suits me just fine. Fineprint allows you to print two, four, or eight pages on one sheet of paper. It will also support manual duplexing. You *will* use less paper once you start using this program. What is really cool is you can view the print job before sending it to your printer, and easily delete pages that you don’t need.

2. PDF reDirect (

Again, they have a paid version but the free version does everything I need. For years I used pdf995 but PDF reDirect has more features. Here’s a useful tip: when you buy something online, instead of printing out the sales confirmation page, just create a PDF, which you can later print out if you need to. In most cases, you won’t need to. What I do is then email the file to my web-based email system, giving me access to it wherever I have internet capability.

There are tons of other uses for PDF documents, but this will get you started.

3. Purrint (

Super easy to use screen printing utility.

Here’s one I stumbled across but haven’t checked out yet:

OK Printer Viewer (

According to the maker, this software keeps track of print jobs and allows you to see everything that’s been printed from your computer.

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