August 27

Want Milk?


My one-year-old son, Jerome, has an interesting little habit that he’s picked up.

Upon seeing anyone drinking *anything*, he’ll point at the glass, cup or bottle and say “milk”. Doesn’t matter if it’s water, coffee, or even beer or wine.

It’s kinda cute and perhaps annoying after the fourth or fifth time in a row!

It made me think about how most of us see the world through our own “lenses”, with our own unique perspectives.

To Jerome, anything you drink is “milk”.

As marketers, we have to train ourselves to get outside of ourselves and recognize that other perspectives exist, just as unique as our own.

A former massage therapist said recently that he saw his job as providing pain relief to his patients. He was surprised when he had a survey done and found that the majority of his patients came for relaxation, not pain relief. So when the patients thought of “massage therapy” or of him specifically, the primary association was different than he assumed.

How successful can we be if we approach marketing from own point of view, rather than that of our target market?


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