What Recession?

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Great video by Mark Joyner:


Rebecca - February 5, 2009 Reply

Hey Darrel,

Had to stop by and say hello to not only a fellow copywriter… but a fellow Washingtonian as well!

Found your blog from your WSO. Fantastic deal you’re offering there. Best of luck to you!


darrel hawes - February 5, 2009 Reply


Thanks for stopping by!

Coincidentally, I just found out about your blog from one of Stephen’s emails, and checked it out a few days ago…

Congratulations on your recent marriage!

Hope to meet you in person soon.

Rebecca - February 5, 2009 Reply

Thanks Darrel! Being married is awesome 🙂 I’d love to meet in person. Road trip! But, I should have mentioned earlier that I’m currently living in Japan. I’m moving back to Washington in late summer, tho. So, we’ll have to plan for then.

darrel hawes - February 5, 2009 Reply


Keep me posted. If by chance you’re in Spokane on the last Wednesday of the month, I’ll invite you to our networking lunch. 🙂

If you’re in the Seattle area, we often come over a couple of times during the summer.

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